What makes me an Artist ...

Light filled colour has always had the capacity to make my heart sing and I now realise, that I've been on a long journey to find that quality in colour that will satisfy an inner longing in me.
Firstly, it was water colour, then high grade acrylics, then the discovery of Batik and its accompanying dyes - the closest thing to liquid stained glass that I could find.  

On visiting my Paintings page, you will see that oils have now drawn me after many years of ignoring this beautiful medium.  As with Batik, I am discovering new, exciting and risky ways of executing the images.
Like many artists, my inspiration comes from nature, the light on form, its rhythms and cycles and primarily, its spectrum of colour.
Alongside this, runs inspiration from my rich inner life and contemplation on the rhythms and cycles and complex relationships that exist both within us, with each other and throughout the world.  In a sense, I feel that what I am often making visible in my artworks is "energy" in its many varied forms.
Now in my mid 60's, my passion as an artist knows no bounds.  It is the intensity of the colour and its ability to flow and blend that fascinate me and hold me enthralled for hours.  I am no longer afraid to take risks with new techniques or to make mistakes.