I have recently returned to painting  seascapes in oils. This time around I am experimenting  with moving the oil paint with unusual mark making tools, these include pieces of card, flexible kitchen tools and pieces of household detritus, in fact anything that makes the required mark. I seldom use a brush, preferring the unpredictability of a mark made experimentally with, for instance a plastic kitchen spatula. This new way of working produces an exciting textural surface and unexpected collisions and merging of colours

My inspiration comes from light and colour and it’s effect on natural form in nature’s landscape and water. With the changing seasons and weather, light and landscape never replicates itself. I am always surprised.

In October 2015 I was delighted to have an Orkney seascape accepted for exhibition in the Royal Society For Marine Artists exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London. This was my first submission and double delight when it sold!


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